Hazardous Materials Surveys

Office Building Hazmat Survey

We recognize that detailed, thorough inspections are the foundation of all competent hazardous materials management programs.  Ambient’s extensive experience and attention to detail result in accurate, reliable surveys and inspections. The survey is intended to identify all materials that could be harmful if they are not removed prior to a renovation or demolition.  In NYS, hazardous materials surveys MUST be conducted prior to any renovation and/or demolition.

Hazardous materials that can be included in the survey are asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, PCBs, rodent/bird droppings, radioactive materials, and any other materials that could present a concern during project implementation.  Having a thorough hazardous materials survey could save tens of thousands of dollars on potential abatement contractor change orders due to insufficient surveys.   For some regulations, specifically the NYS DOL as it relates to asbestos, the survey report MUST be posted at the job site when removal is taking place.