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Accredited Training

Ambient Environmental Inc. offers NYS DOH/EPA accredited asbestos training classes for the Project Designer, Project Monitor, Contractor Supervisor, Inspector, Air Sampling Technician, Worker/Handler, Operations & Maintenance, Management Planner and Allied Trade individuals.

We are constantly looking at industry trends and the need for additional course offerings with plans for future expansion.

In addition to our open enrollment calendar we can also provide client specific training at your facility or ours. Ambient will staff your project from our team of experienced environmental professionals. Training Director, Mark Meehan,  will direct your project.  Mr. Meehan will be responsible for course curriculum, schedule coordination, handouts and certification of completion.  Ambient’s network of health and safety professionals allows for both a quality and cost effective project.

Our Training Facility is also available for your off-site meetings space rental. Contact us today for more information.

Featured Courses

Asbestos Project Monitor – Initial

Project Monitor Certificate. Any person other than the asbestos abatement contractor’s supervisor, who oversees the scope, timing, phasing and/or remediation methods to be utilized on and the completeness of any asbestos project. NOTE: The Project Monitor training is sufficient to obtain asbestos handler certifications for both Project Monitor and Asbestos Project Air Sampling Technician categories. However, the individual must have both certifications if performing the duties of both project monitor and asbestos project air sampling technician. The additional $75.00 NYS DOL fee has been applied should you elect to not take the Air Sampling Certification please contact Ambient directly prior to registering.

Initial-5 days

NOTE: Processing fee of $25.00, plus NYS DOL filing fees only apply is we are submitting applications to DOL for you. “Cancellations of Less Than 48 Hours’ Notice Will Be Charged For The Full Class”


List: $680.00
Processing Fee: $25.00
NYS DOL Filing Fee: $225.00

NYSDEC issued guidance related to ‘Essential’ Site Investigation and Remediation

On April 2, 2020, NYSDEC issued guidance related to ‘Essential’ Site Investigation and Remediation projects and response actions. DEC considers the following activities to be essential:

• Remedial construction activities, including new construction starts, at sites that DEC has determined pose a significant threat to public health and/or the environment, including Class 2 sites on the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites and significant threat sites in the Brownfield Cleanup Program;
• Completion of remedial construction already under way at non-significant threat sites as necessary to ensure site safety and prevent exposure to site contaminants, including completion of site cover systems;
• Operation and maintenance activities for active remedial systems that are necessary for the continued protection of human health and the environment;
• Interim remedial measures to address imminent human exposures and/or threat of significant contaminant migration;
• Spill response actions;
• Investigation,