Microbial Consulting

Mold on Lead Based Paint Ceiling

Ambient provides mold evaluation, assessments and mold remediation plans for both commercial and residential clients.

About 50 to 100 common indoor mold types have the potential for creating health problems.  Exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, eye irritation, or wheezing. People with serious allergies to molds may have more severe reactions. Ambient specializes in providing services related to fungal (yeasts and mold) and bacterial identification and corrective action.  Our experts provide cost-effective mold solutions for industrial, government, commercial, institutional and residential settings.  Services include assessments and creation of work remediation plans. Assessments include visual inspection to identify the source of water intrusion, identification of suspect visible mold, air sampling to establish mold-in-air levels, scanning of walls, floors and ceilings for potential leaks.

  • Comprehensive examination to identify the sources and causes of mold growth
  • Provide a work plan offering options to eliminate the moisture
  • Ensure that the effected materials are dry
  • Determine, plan and implement appropriate corrective measures
  • Collect post-remediation samples to verify proper and complete remediation