Construction Safety Services

In addition to our Construction Inspection Services, Ambient also provides Construction Safety Services.

Ambient understands that it can be very expensive for companies to maintain full-time safety professionals in-house. Let us help by providing a qualified site safety representative on your construction site at an affordable price. Contract Site Safety Representatives are a cost-effective solution to your construction requirements. Our skilled professionals will help your company achieve regulatory compliance, improve productivity, assist in accident prevention, analyze safety programs, and effectively improve your bottom line by mitigating potential hazards. All our safety professionals are fully qualified and experienced in construction, environmental and industrial safety. In addition to providing you with qualified personnel and cost-effective solutions for your company, Ambient is a NYS Certified WBE, NYC Department of Small Business Services Certified WBE (for your DEP projects), and a NYS DOT DBE, which will help ensure you meet your required goals on your government contracts.

If you would like to further explore the opportunities Ambient can bring to you and your business, please contact us today.