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Ambient job site as ALCO in Schenectady, NY Ambient works regularly with the Office of General ServicesAmbient job site at International Paper mill in Corinth, NY Ambient at Manhattan Psychiatric CenterAmbient works withcorporate clients such as BASFAmbient works with the State University of New York colleges

Industrial Hygiene Services

The implementation of a comprehensive industrial hygiene and safety program is a complex activity for which there does not exist a uniform code or set of guidelines. Ambient ‘s ultimate goal is to provide for the welfare of the employee through the use of control and measurement.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

consulting and testing largely related to human health issues associated with the indoor environment. Abient’s personnel are equipped to identify, evaluate, prioritize and design solutions for issues related to indoor air quality

Health and Safety Consulting

Ambient environmental has a full understanding of health and safety issues relating to commercial and manufacturing companies.

Workers Compensation Consulting

Ambient has experience and can provide comprehensive workers compensations consultation services

Microbial Services

Ambient provides services specialising in fungal (yeasts and mold) and bacterial identification