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Hazardous Materials Surveys

We recognize that detailed, thorough inspections are the foundation of all competent hazardous materials management programs.  Ambient’s extensive experience and attention to detail result in accurate, reliable surveys and inspections. The survey is intended to identify all materials that could be harmful if they are not removed prior to a renovation or demolition.  In NYS, hazardous materials surveys MUST be conducted prior to any renovation and/or demolition.

Hazardous materials that can be included in the survey are asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, PCBs, rodent/bird droppings, radioactive materials, and any other materials that could present a concern during project implementation.  Having a thorough hazardous materials survey could save tens of thousands of dollars on potential abatement contractor change orders due to insufficient surveys.   For some regulations, specifically the NYS DOL as it relates to asbestos, the survey report MUST be posted at the job site when removal is taking place.

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Hazardous Materials Design

Ambient’s NYS Department of Labor certified designers have broad design experience for the abatement of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, PCBs, mold, as well as soil remediation project design. All designs include hazardous materials specification sections and CAD removal drawings and comply with all NYS and EPA requirements. Ambient also has a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer on staff. Often times, when developing an asbestos abatement design, there will be the need for a site-specific variance in order for the removal to be completed.  Ambient is a recognized leader in New York State in the preparation, submission and approval of site-specific variances to allow for appropriate and cost-effective asbestos abatement that considers property conditions, worker safety and protection of human health and the environment.

Variances can relate to asbestos disturbance challenges, selective removal to support renovation and restoration, and cost-effective solutions related to demolition projects. We are intimately familiar with NYS Department of Labor Asbestos Variance procedures and offer practical solutions to difficult situations. 

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Site Remediation and Restoration

From Brownfields to Superfund, Ambient personnel have the experience and insight to steer site restoration projects through the regulatory system and bring properties and facilities into compliant, productive use. Our goal is to secure long-term solutions to site restoration challenges using innovative, focused, cost-effective methods.

Site Assessment / Remedial Investigation
Feasibility Study / Cost Estimating
Brownfield and Voluntary Cleanup
Decommissioning and Demolition
Construction Safety and Oversight
Operation and Maintenance


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EHS Consulting

Ambient provides comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Consulting Services which enable our clients to protect human health and the environment while also concentrating on their core business.  From responsively completing a single task to developing and implementing a complete EHS program, Ambient helps clients ‘get EHS done’.  Ambient’s EHS consulting services include regulatory compliance support to help you meet your EHS objectives and manage risk, business transaction support ranging from single site due diligence to multi-site, multi-national liability assessment, and Industrial Hygiene and Safety support to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment that complies with OSHA requirements and protects workers and stakeholders.  Our EHS Consulting goal is to contribute to each client’s success by understanding and supporting the role of EHS risk management as it relates to their overall business aspirations.

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Ambient Environmental d.b.a Response Labs produces technically defensible laboratory test results that accurately and precisely present data to support project goals. We provide the necessary analyses to support decisions related to industrial, commercial and residential projects..

Response Labs is committed to consistently performing laboratory services in conformance to the NELAC standard adopted by New York State ELAP, resulting in reliable data and deliverable in accordance with the project schedule.

Customer services is of great importance to us. You can rest assured in knowing your results will be accurate and completely confidential.

Response Labs capabilities include the following analysis:

Airborne Asbestos (Air Sampling)
Bulk Building Materials (Such as floor tile, drywall and related construction materials)

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Ambient Environmental Inc. offers NYS DOH/EPA accredited asbestos training classes for the Project Designer, Project Monitor, Contractor Supervisor, Inspector, Air Technician, Worker/Handler, Operations & Maintenance and Allied Trade individuals.
Call us today to ask about our next class or check out the Training Schedule located here.

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NYSDEC issued guidance related to ‘Essential’ Site Investigation and Remediation

On April 2, 2020, NYSDEC issued guidance related to ‘Essential’ Site Investigation and Remediation projects and response actions. DEC considers the following activities to be essential:

• Remedial construction activities, including new construction starts, at sites that DEC has determined pose a significant threat to public health and/or the environment, including Class 2 sites on the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites and significant threat sites in the Brownfield Cleanup Program;
• Completion of remedial construction already under way at non-significant threat sites as necessary to ensure site safety and prevent exposure to site contaminants, including completion of site cover systems;
• Operation and maintenance activities for active remedial systems that are necessary for the continued protection of human health and the environment;
• Interim remedial measures to address imminent human exposures and/or threat of significant contaminant migration;
• Spill response actions;
• Investigation,